Who’s Your Daddy?


Multiplayer parenting game

Who’s Your Daddy is a low-priced multiplayer that focuses on a father and baby. If you’re the dad, your goal is to protect the child from itself, removing all harmful objects from the house. If you’re the baby, the purpose of the story is to end your life with one of the items left lying around.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateFriday, July 3rd 2020
DeveloperJoe Williams
Developer URLhttp://store.steampowered.com/app/427730

Asymmetrical multiplayer

When you first enter the simulator, you’ll note that the graphics aren’t great; however, they’re adequate for the playstyle. You can play the game with friends who own it or get thrown into a matchmade game.

Unfortunately, the game is stacked against whoever is the daddy. It is quite fun in the beginning, but after a few hours of playing, the concept begins to grow stale. There is only one mode of play.

Limitations and bugs

The developers have not been working much on Who’s Your Daddy? and are focused on other projects. As such, there are no new features that have been added. The game’s graphical and stability-related bugs have also gone unaddressed.

These have not been fixed for many years. Also, at this point, multiplayer servers mostly don’t work, and few people are on them.


Human: Fall Flat is an interesting player-vs-engine puzzle simulator. You need to make your way through the twisted labyrinth of factories by yourself or with friends. It has almost unlimited replayability with amazing graphics when compared to Who’s Your Daddy.

Pummel Party is one-vs-all action-based combat. You will need to slay your way through your friends or rather enemies to victory in the most brutal ways. PP has a wide assortment of tools and traps to kill the enemy, especially compared to the limited assortment in WYD.

Average experience

Although the simulator has a low price tag, it isn’t going to bring that much value with its low replayability and constant bugging. While the concept is unique and plays well for a short time, it doesn’t have what it takes to entertain like its competitors.

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