Create Custom Boss Fights for Undertale

With its large cast of charming characters, amazing music, adorable 2D-pixel art style, and classic RPG gameplay, it’s no surprise that Undertale has achieved both critical and commercial success. Of course, with success, fan works are sure to follow. Unlike other works, fans of Undertale aren’t satisfied with just fanfiction or fan videos. Some want to create boss fights for their own characters or rewrite existing ones to show their headcanons. Unitale is a software that can help fans do just that.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateTuesday, November 19th 2019
Developer URLhttps://gamejolt.com/@UNITALE

What Is Unitale?

Unitale is a game engine based on Undertale. It is moddable with the programming language Lua. Unitale provides users with the basic features and mechanics of a basic Undertale boss fight. With basic coding knowledge using the aforementioned Lua, users will be able to modify or add content to the template to create their very own boss fight. 

Unitale is a fan-made engine, and it is considered abandoned by the original creator due to not having any major updates. That said, many forks of the original engine exist. Create Your Frisk is the most notable successor to Unitale and is often interchangeably referred to as both. Nevertheless, users should be careful to use the updated version rather than the outdated one.

System Requirements

Unitale is supported in both Windows and Linux. Unitale has trouble running on Mac and users might need a third-party app to fix it. Linux also requires additional to run Unitale.

Aside from that, Unitale requires basic knowledge of Lua and a good text editor to create boss fights in Unitale.

How to Use Unitale

As mentioned before, Unitale requires a good working knowledge of Lua. Fortunately, the downloads for Unitale comes with some basic tutorials on how to use it. Additionally, the community offers helpful articles to get users started in making their own fights. For assets, Unitale comes with basic mechanics, graphics, and music. However, there are dozens of pre-made assets offered by the community, ready to be added to Unitale for the modders. Alternatively, users can make some of their own.

Create Your Own Tale

Do you want to improve some of the fights in Undertale or create interesting new ones for characters that didn’t get a boss fight? Or maybe you have your own original character that you want to bring to life in Undertale? Just use Unitale to create your very own boss fight. Program unique mechanics, design your own characters and even compose your own music. With Unitale, you can create an Undertale that’s just for you.

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