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Typora is a free markdown text editor. With Typora’s simple interface, users will be able to type markdown source code without any unnecessary distractions, and it’s live preview feature will let users type code and format text simultaneously for a more seamless experience.

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Operating System SupportWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateWednesday, September 25th 2019
Developer URLhttps://typora.io/

Live Preview

One of Typora’s best features is Live Preview. With this feature, any symbols of markdown source code will immediately be removed as the user types. Instead, the text will be formatted instantly so users won’t have to switch between markdown code and preview modes. Of course, Typora also has a source code mode which looks more like a traditional markdown editor. Switching between preview and source code modes takes no time at all, so working traditionally with Typora is still a good option.

Display Images

In the Live Preview mode, users will be able to view and format images within their text as they type. With Typora, there’s no need to guess how an image will look in the text until a preview is loaded. Instead, just type the image source code and the image itself will be displayed, allowing for faster and simpler coding.

Organization and Focus

Typora has Typewriter and Focus Modes that keeps the active line in the center of the screen and blurs all other lines, respectively. Users can also organize their works using a file tree and outline panel.

Easy Typing

Typora makes markdown so much easier thanks to its live preview feature. A bit of markdown know-how is still necessary to use Typora, but the app also comes with basic tutorials to get users started. It is a useful markdown editor for both writers and readers.

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