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TurboVNC is a programme that creates efficient virtual network computing server connections to display and manage image-intensive desktops remotely and efficiently. It’s a highly functional, robust solution that works on all network types.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
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DateThursday, August 13th 2020
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Free yet powerful

Choosing remote network software can be confusing with all the different terminologies and pricing plans available from various vendors. You could go for a well-known title such as TeamViewer or a more affordable alternative like AnyDesk, but licensing and deployment can overwhelm you.

Alternatively, you could choose a free programme such as TurboVNC. Based on TightVNC, TigerVNC, and X.org, it provides high transfer speeds and excellent service quality for 3D and video workloads.

How it works

This programme uses the remote framebuffer protocol to send screen updates from the server to connected devices. It compresses received images to ensure quick, smooth performance and maximise network efficiency.

With TurboVNC, you get full control over the image quality sent. The updates arrive continually, improving performance and ensuring comfortable use.


VNC programmes can be tricky, as it’s quite easy for hackers to enter such a network. TurboVNC ensures safety by letting you log in with Unix login credentials. You can also access control lists to share VNC with only verified users.

Extra features

This programme comes with several extras that set it apart from the competition. Most notably, it provides you with a high-performing Java viewer, compatible with modern Java environments.

Moreover, if you’re running on a low broadband network, you can manually trigger a ‘lossless refresh’ of images where quality is critical. The programme also gives you control of the full-screen and multi-screen support.

Display quality

Excellent image quality is necessary for remotely displaying 3D apps. This programme streams over 50 megapixels a second without any image quality loss. If your broadband connection is slower, you can broadcast lower quality images and keep usability.


TurboVNC’s UI is a bit old-fashioned and the controls aren’t the smoothest out there. Still, this programme represents a fantastic, quick, and free solution for remote desktop transfers involving 3D apps.

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