Virtual Mac platform

TransMac allows you to use files and drives made for macOS on Windows operating systems. It gives access to your computer to read, write, and format this data. The company, Acutesystems, grants a 15-day trial before you need to purchase the software.

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Operating System SupportWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 2000
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
LicenseTrial version
DateFriday, May 29th 2020
Developer URL

Ease of Use

Using TransMac won’t be difficult if you are familiar with Windows. The format is much like a file manager, where you can explore your hard drive to find what you want to open and change. Also, the company offers clear support from their website.

Compatibility and functions

The software works with APFS, HFS, and HFS+ in Mac formats. Also, it provides support for CDs, Blu Ray, and DVDs based out of Apple hardware. It allows you to open flash drives, sparse bundles, and sparse image files.

The software can read hybrid CDs and multisession made for Mac. DMG files can also be opened through TransMac, giving you access to all Apple applications.

Disk creation

While TransMac is safe to use, you might run into some difficulties when trying to create a Mac operable disk with it. Corruption of files is a potential problem, so you should save another copy.

If you happen to damage a drive in the process, it provides support for restoring the image. To facilitate this feature, it keeps a safe copy.

With it, you can format disk images for Windows and Apple, much like PowerISO permits users to do this, but it does not work cross-platform. Once you create the file with TransMac, it will be operable on macOS.


MacDrive is similar to TransMac; however, it requires a licensing payment for each new Windows OS. Also, it is not efficient and lacks the ease of use that TM offers.

Useful for compatibility

One of the challenges that many people face is moving between incompatible PCs. This application solves your problems by offering support for drives and files that originate in macOS. Transmac still remains easy to use despite the complexity of what it does. It permits you to access all the necessary formats while not having much serious competition.

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