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TranslucentTB is short for translucent taskbar as it is a utility program for Windows 10. As the program name implies, it increases the opacity of your computer’s taskbar that it appears transparent. It also offers customization options such as the advanced color picker, taskbar states, and dynamic modes. This desktop application is suitable for users such as designers, graphic artists, and editors so they can maximize the size of their monitors. It means your active windows will take up more space on the screen. Whether you install TranslucentTB for productivity or for aesthetic purposes, it is extremely to install. Download the program, then click run. It will automatically configure itself to your computer.

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Operating System Support
Current LanguageEnglish
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DateMonday, May 11th 2020
DeveloperCharles Milette
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The main draw of TranslucentTB is that it enables you to see through the taskbar. In addition to this, there are four more states that you can set the program to. Blur is similar to the clear state but it creates a softer or foggier effect over the image. Opaque is the opposite of the two previous effects as it is a completely solid color. Like the opaque setting, normal and fluent are not transparent either. The normal style is the default Windows OS style while the fluent version appears like the Microsoft Design guidelines.

The fluent, opaque, and normal states can be customized further by using the color picker. You can create your own unique color by dragging the dropper across the spectrum. Putting your own HTML color code is also allowed so you can have the exact color you want on your taskbar. The four dynamic modes are additional customization options that you can use in tandem with the five display states. It is in charge of changing the appearance of the taskbar in response to a certain action.

The modes that apply to all versions of Windows 10 are Dynamic Windows, Dynamic Start Menu, and Dynamic Timeline. The fourth mode, Dynamic Cortana, is activated when Cortona or the Windows voice-activated personal assistant is in use. Dynamic Timeline and Dynamic Start Menu, on the other hand, only appear when you open the Windows Timeline and Start Menu respectively. The Dynamic Windows will appear the most as the taskbar will turn from clear to opaque when a program window is maximized. 

Open-source characteristic

In addition to being a freeware, TranslucentTB is also open for contributors. The program’s developer, Charles Milette, first recommends you use master as the program’s branches are already stable and has been approved by fellow developers. You can opt to download the zip archive of each branch to get a more detailed view. With the source code, you can add more features to TranslucentTB. Note that you will need Visual Studio 2017, C++, and .NET desktop development. 

The following are also individual components you will need: 

Any of the VC++ 2017 toolsets 

Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17134.0)

.NET Framework 4.6.2 SDK

.NET Framework 4.6.2 targeting pack

Get more out of your monitor 

TranslucentTB is a suitable application for users that need to view multiple windows at the same time. By being able to see through the taskbar, you will be able to see more parts of your active application. The customization features are also good for those that want a stylized desktop that meets their preferences. 

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