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Sophos IT security software is now available for private users. Sophos Home is a commercial antivirus that delivers real-time protection from the ransomware, malicious software and other forms of hacking. This user-friendly program will allow you to secure your own device or manage the security of multiple devices. These devices can belong to you or to those closest to you. So, it is not necessary that Sophos-installed devices are under one roof.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Italian
DateThursday, February 6th 2020
Developer URL


Sophos Home Free functions as an anti-virus, web filter and remote monitoring program. One Sophos account can be installed in three devices. It uses a combination of signature-based and behavioral-based detection. With signature-based detection, Sophos Home can easily find and block known malware. Behavior-based detection, on the other hand, allows the program to discover and remove malware that has never been seen let alone run on your device. 

The features mentioned above are made possible by Sophos’ global database. This prevents users from clicking on phishing websites as well as scan a website’s code to see if it has been compromised by hackers. The result is Sopho’s ability to monitor your programs and applications. Any piece of software that acts maliciously will be removed but only with your permission. 

Sophos Home’s main dashboard will consolidate all the information you need to know about your security settings. Here, you will be able to see security status updates and alerts tied to each computer. The program is configured with keyboard and mouse controls. With your mouse, you can select which device is in need of more antivirus management features. You can request more scans or remove the device completely. Each device page allows you to turn on or off various security settings. These include Automatic Virus Protection, Unwanted App Detection, and Web Protection. 

Effortless protection 

Sophos uses the same levels of protection as its enterprise-level software. This will allow you to protect multiple devices, even if they are in different locations. This is a stable yet versatile piece of antivirus software that can be used on Windows devices running a Windows 8 or 10 operating system. 

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