Sonma Typing-Expert


Type Like a Pro in Both Hindi and English

Sonma Typing Expert is a typing tool to help users increase their typing speed for English and Hindi Texts. The app features a large selection of exercises for users to practice their typing on. For users bilingual in English and Hindi, Sonma Typing Expert can help them become proficient in typing in both languages.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, Hindi
DateThursday, October 10th 2019
DeveloperI am a student
Developer URL


Although installing Sonma Typing Expert itself is simple, some users might encounter problems when displaying the Hindi fonts as not all systems come with those fonts pre-installed. If they are not installed, the Hindi characters won’t be displayed correctly. Sonma has help files that users can follow to install these fonts. Once installed, launching and using Sonma Typing Expert should be easy.


The exercises Sonma Typing Expert offers are similar in both English and Hindi. The first few exercises target a specific part of the keyboard to train such as certain rows that can cause confusion when typing fast. The next exercises focus on skills like typing with the Shift key. Users can go back and train with the skills or parts that give them the most difficulties.

Training Options and Results

Users can how many minutes they want to train for. Sonma Typing Expert sets the time at 15 minutes by default, but users can choose to train for only a minute if they want to. After the allotted time, Sonma will show how well the user did and where they made mistakes so that they can focus on those mistakes in the future.

A Great Typing Tool

Sonma Typing Expert has a lot to offer as a typing tool, but bilingual users will benefit the most from it. While it can be used for only one language, using it to boost your typing speed simultaneously in both English and Hindi is where it will really shine.

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