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Collaboration solution platform allows you to use several groupware accounts simultaneously. The instant messaging service gathers all your IMs, files, and other information into one platform and protects them with end-to-end encryption. Riot chat is suitable for developers, programmers and other advanced users as it requires that you run your own server. All Riot users will have access to its crypto ratchet technology, creating a decentralized secure WiFi connection. You will also get access to the official source code via GitHub. With the code, you can customize your chat room to fit as many users as you need. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateThursday, March 12th 2020
DeveloperVector Creations Ltd.
Developer URL


Riot is distributed under the Apache License 2.0. It contains a federated Matrix protocol, allowing you to create your own server. Riot developers encourage you to adjust their code but that should not deter beginners from using this platform. You can add plug-ins and other tools to Riot through the Matrix React SDK. It is a React-based software development kit that can identify problems in your code and resolve it automatically. It also uses the Electron software framework to help you create desktop applications within Riot. 

Once you’ve set up your Riot account, you can share messages, videos, and files to your colleagues, partners, and other contacts. Riot lets you know who has read your content through read receipts. You can also discuss with your teammates through its VoIP features. It has video and audio calling capabilities for both one-on-one discussions and groups; however, the capacity of these calls will depend on the groupware you embed Riot with.

Ingenious collaboration tool 

Riot is useful for those who have accounts on multiple groupware programs. This platform keeps you from switching accounts so you can quickly respond to your team members at all times. It is better to have experience in coding in order to use this program as you can fit the server and chat rooms according to your needs, but it can be embedded with collaboration tools right away. To meet with your co-workers or group mates on a single platform, you can use Riot on any Windows device running Windows 7 or higher. 

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