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Football sports game

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 is one in the long line of Konami’s football simulators. You get to put on the cleats of famous footballers and play your way through matches against other big names in the football world, whether you download it on your computer or Android.

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Current LanguageEnglish
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DateFriday, July 3rd 2020
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The graphics of this game are quite good. The players seem almost real, especially with the best team, Liverpool. However, where the game has a competitive edge, even against FIFA 2017, is the mechanics. It’s challenging to learn yet all so rewarding.

It’s difficult to score and pass, but the high responsiveness makes it worth picking up the skills. Unfortunately, the sound effects and voices are not the best and suffer from repetition and mediocrity.

Control Reality

With the control reality feature, you can direct the players all over the pitch more effectively. This factor means the whole team will be playing in sync with you. FIFA 2017 falls behind it in this aspect.

The AI part of this has gotten more effective at understanding your actions. The autonomous players now play in response to your actions, increasing the fun of the game. This is an aspect that FIFA did not have in the 2017 edition.


FIFA 2017 falls behind Pro Evolution in the key aspect of gaming mechanics. However, it has better visuals, and the modes of play are more fleshed out. They deliver a great campaign, which PES does a poor job with.

The eFootball 2020 PES has made significant improvements but fails in several areas. They haven’t improved on the commentary or added any new modes. The mechanics have improved, but they still have kept an excessive amount of menus.

Fun experience

Overall, the game still retains its place among all the other football games. It made a significant improvement to the AI and field control which has not been improved on much in later editions. With the reality control, you will have better matches.

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