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Need for Speed: Underground is the seventh installment of the Need for Speed racing game series. The game was developed by Electronic Arts – also known as EA – for Windows 98 to Windows XP. The gameplay focuses on urban street racing and high-performing tuner cars from various car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Motors, Subaru, and Toyota. The goal of NFSU is to win races in a city setting. With various obstacles in your way, you will need to make sharp turns at high speeds. Each race gives you an opportunity to win upgrades, cars, cash as well as earn the respect of fellow racers. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 10, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 8, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, German
LicenseTrial version
DateFriday, June 19th 2020
DeveloperElectronic Arts Inc
Developer URL


The premise of Need for Speed: Underground is that a rookie player wants to beat the best racer in the city. You will be playing the rookie; with the help of your friend, Samantha, you will need to know the mechanics of underground racing, your allies, and your nemeses. In addition to Samantha, your second ally is TJ. He is a mechanic that can upgrade your vehicles but requires that you beat time trial challenges. While Samantha is in charge of providing information, she will offer aesthetic modifications on occasion.

You will need to win races successively to earn a good reputation in the racing scene. This will prompt the game to start the cutscene with Eddie, the city’s best racer. By the end of the game, you will need to defeat Eddie and his allies. There are five kinds of races in NFSU: Circuit, Knockout, Sprint, Drift, and Drag. Circuit and Knockout are both standard races; you will need to be ahead of four other players on a looped track. Sprint also pits you against four other players but in a point-to-point course instead of a loop.

Drift races are also on a course, but only one racer can participate at a time. It is also a point-based event where racers will need to oversteer their car to avoid hurdles and barriers. The last mode, Drag, is the only one without a course. Instead, you must drive along a straight track. The racer that reaches the finish line first is the winner.

System Requirements 

Need for Speed: Underground can be played as a solo player and with other players. To play in multiplayer mode, you will need a Windows computer running Windows 98 to Windows XP. This will allow you to participate in online races through a virtual LAN. Other system requirements include: 

CPU: Intel Pentium III (or compatible) CPU running at 700Mhz or higher

RAM: 256 MB 

GPU: 32MB DirectX 9 

Storage: 450 MB 

Designed for racing enthusiasts

Need for Speed: Underground is a suitable game for casual players and avid gamers who are interested in tuner culture. This is because the game focuses both on the quality of your car and your skills. By winning more races, the more resources you will have to upgrade your car. While the multiplayer mode is originally available via LAN cables, there are third-party applications that can facilitate the same experience on your PC. 

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