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Information management application

Microsoft OneNote is a desktop program for note taking and multi-user collaboration. It is fitted with a tiered organizational system consisting of notebooks, sections, and notes. Each page appears to be a blank canvas where you can highlight, draw, and type contents, making it a suitable tool for both quick note taking and storing extensive research papers. You can also supplement your notes with screen clippings and audio commentaries. Your compilation of OneNote documents can be shared across multiple devices; it can be viewed on both desktop and smartphones by you or by several users. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, Danish, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Finnish, French, Czech, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Norwegian, Italian
DateTuesday, February 25th 2020
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Similar to Microsoft Word, OneNote pages appear as blank, white pages. This allows you to create in any way you like. You can type texts, markup notes, and highlight keywords. You can opt to use the Pen tool to mimic writing notes with a pen on paper. It can also be used to draw on any item on your notepad, making it a useful tool for quick note taking, mind mapping, delivering feedback, etc. 

Should you use OneNote in school or at work, you can create multiple notebooks. You can assign a subject, topic or date per notebook to keep all discussions and ideas organized. If you need a digital note-taking app to write a few reminders, you can break a single notebook into sections. These tabs will help you organize your ideas on to several pages instead. 

In the process of notetaking, there will be parts that you will need to scrap or set aside. You can delete individual pages permanently, or you can create a new notebook where you store inactive notes. Although OneNote will not be able to recognize this booklet as an archive, you can label it as Archive and move old pages here. 


OneNote can incorporate data-driven, actionable insights into your notes. For example, it can type hand-written texts and solve equations for you. This can speed up your note-taking process and give you more time to refine the contents of your references. You can also extend its capabilities by integrating the Microsoft Office suite into OneNote.

This allows you to curate your note taking experience into one that you find most efficient and useful. If you are migrating from Word documents to OneNote pages, you can open a .docx file and continue editing it on a new or old notebook. You can also apply a page style for the document such as line pages or grids. 

The program is also configured with Microsoft Edge. This allows you to send pages, clippings and other information directly to OneNote. You can also opt for a similar plug-in called OneNote Web Clipper. It allows you to save webpages into your notes. This is an important tool if a bulk of your references can be found online. 

Easy-to-use information management program

Microsoft OneNote is a digital platform for those who want to create a note taking system that meets their needs. It can be used by all user-levels who want to carry their ideas wherever they go. They will be able to gather all their references into one organized space, including files created from different Microsoft Office programs. 

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