Browser-based competitive multiplayer

In this programme, you will battle against up to 20 players online. You will choose from a wide range of character classes and weapon arsenals. You can customise your game settings, host a match, or join one already in progress.

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Operating System Support
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateFriday, July 3rd 2020
Developer URL

Free online, multiplayer first-person shooter

Krunker is a free multiplayer game for Windows that you can play in your online browser. With so many battle royale-style games around, there are many reasons why Krunker stand out.


The first feature you’ll notice when loading the Krunker website is the game’s look. It shares a blocky 3D aesthetic with Minecraft without environmental destruction and crafting.

It’s also a little bland, with textures mainly consisting of plain colours and jagged edges. Despite its simple graphics, Krunker can lag if you’re in a match against over ten other players.


However, you can tweak the last point to some degree thanks to the extensive settings options. The same goes for practically every other aspect of the game.

You can scale the UI in the browser, toggle damage, score, health, and other displays. You can also rebind keys and controls to your liking, and much more. For a free browser game, there’s a lot of room in making the game look and run the way you want.


Krunker doesn’t just run in a Windows internet browser for free; most of the content is also free. Registering is as simple as choosing a valid username and password. You won’t even need to use an email address. You can drop into a game without even logging in, although you’ll be listed as ‘Guest’ and certain character options will be off-limits.

You can buy in-game items with real-world cash via the attached store. e.g. character costumes and super-rare weapon skins like Frostbite.

Generous customisation options

Krunker launched as a browser game for Windows in January 2019, but has recently made a mobile version available. Whichever you pick, you’ll find the same mix of character and game options. As well as choosing between different weapon load-outs, if you host a game, you can also choose the map, character/weapons, and the number of players. For a multiplayer game, it is not Fortnite but it does scratch the itch – for free!

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