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A Minimalistic Text Editor For Focus

If you have trouble staying focused when you’re writing, iA Writer is a helpful app to get. iA Writer was designed specifically to limit your distractions when working, but it has powerful features that can make writing and editing so much more efficient.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateThursday, October 10th 2019
DeveloperIA Writer
Developer URLhttps://ia.net/

Fewer Distractions

iA Writer was designed with few interface elements so that users won’t get distracted by them. However, iA Writer took it a step further by introducing Focus Mode. Focus Mode highlights the specific part of the text that you are working on. The rest of the text is dimmed out, reducing your tendency to jump around the text and either getting distracted by reading other passages or editing them. Syntax Highlight is another powerful feature that lets users focus on specific syntax elements like adjectives, nouns, etc.


iA Writer supports Markdown languages which is a massive help for anyone who wants to quickly edit. Markdown allows users to format text with the use of simple code. It’s far less complicated than HTML, and it doesn’t involve confusing buttons like MS Word. All documents created with the iA Writer can be easily converted or exported to HTML or DOCX.

Increase Your Productivity

Despite its minimal features, iA Writer can be a powerful tool for boosting your productivity. It does require some basic Markdown knowledge to get used to the formatting, but it makes up for it by being easily exportable. The Focus Mode and Syntax Highlight features are just great beyond any doubt. If you want to boost your writing productivity then iA Writer is the app for you.

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