Multiplatform open-source terminal application

Hyper is an open-source terminal emulator based on the Electron platform and compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It provides access to a full-fledged command-line shell, which you can customise with visual themes and hotkeys. The software is also highly extensible.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateMonday, August 10th 2020
Developer URLhttps://hyper.is/

Open-source foundations

Hyper is a cross-platform command-line terminal, developed entirely using open-source tools and web standards. It’s powered by the Electron framework, much like Slack or the Brave Browser. It also leverages CSS, JavaScript, and HTML technology.

Highly extensible

The terminal features a well-developed API for third parties to implement all kinds of extensions. These are universal modules built on Node.js, which can expose a number of underlying methods in very flexible ways.

This lets the API empower you to build their own custom entry points to the app. All that’s needed is an understanding of the open-source libraries, upon which the software is built.

Visually stunning

Perhaps unusual for a standard terminal application, Hyper dazzles the eye at first sight. While competitors like Mac-oriented iTerm2 or Linux-centric Alacritty also have custom themes, they pale in comparison to Hyper. There are countless custom user-developed themes for experimentation. 

Speed and stability

The app has a particular focus on achieving maximum speed and stability as a platform. Its shell is based on xterm.js, an open-source terminal known to be quick. Additional revisions to the code have mostly been aimed at delivering a more stable user experience and interface.

Total cross-platform compatibility

Another great feature of this open-source terminal is its total cross-platform compatibility. Many other alternative shells, like iTerm2, focus on single operating systems. Others, like Alacritty, work across various Linux distros. In contrast, Hyper works on Windows, Mac, and most flavours of Linux.

Gorgeous extensible multiplatform terminal

Hyper is a powerful alternative shell for Windows or any other platform. Its glossy, polished interface is easy on the eyes and a pleasure for coders. Developers accustomed to command-line tools will appreciate the themes and open-source technology.

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