Hitman 2

Sandbox assassin simulator

You will plan detailed takedowns of priority targets, as well as use the environment against enemies, wear disguises, and stealth your way through expansive locations.

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Operating System SupportWindows 98 SE, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
LicenseTrial version
DateFriday, July 3rd 2020
Developer URL

You’re the weapon

In Hitman 2, you take on the role of assassin Agent 47 to infiltrate varied locations and eliminate specific targets. Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman 2 continues from their previous Hitman game but with many more improvements.

Immersive environments

Rather than being a true open-world game, Hitman 2 offers self-contained levels packed with detail. From the bustling city of Mumbai to the autumnal environs of suburban America, Hitman 2 will push your graphics card to its limit.

If there’s any negative to the game, it’s the price and technical specifications. You can download the first mission for free, but you’ll need to have at least 8GB RAM and a 3.3GHz processor to make the most of it. You can pick up the Gold edition for Windows, which includes all expansions and in-game items, i.e. the ‘full game’ that push triple digits.

Customise your kills

Every Hitman game places an emphasis on finding creative ways to off your targets, and Hitman 2 takes this to the next level. Each location has multiple secret areas and subtle environmental clues to help you plan the perfect assassination.

Competitive multiplayer

The game can be played offline, but at the expense of achievements and levelling up. To get the most out of Hitman 2, you need to have an internet connection. Online multiplayer is also where Hitman 2 truly excels. You can compete against others in sniper challenges or try to eliminate five targets before another player in Ghost Mode.

Intricate assassinations

Although there are other formidable stealth/assassin games around, like Dishonored 2, Hitman 2 offers detailed playgrounds then encourages you to break all the rules. 

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