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Time saver

Clicking with your mouse can be very tiring, especially if you need to do it for a long time. Whether you’re playing clicking games or just need to click a lot for work, it can get really frustrating. GS Auto Clicker is a special tool developed by Goldensoft that can make mouse-clicking easy and painless. By using this app, you won’t even have to click at all. The app will do it for you.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, Danish, German, Turkish, Galician, Portuguese, Finnish, French, Czech, Spanish, Chinese, Catalan, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Basque, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Norwegian, Italian
DateMonday, October 14th 2019
Developer URL

Installation and Interface

GS Auto Clicker doesn’t actually require installation. Just get the installer file and execute it and you will be taken to the app window. The app’s interface is about as basic as it can get. You are presented with two buttons: Your chosen hotkey for clicking and a help button. The settings and options are hidden in the menu bars. Normally, a simple interface design like this one is highly commendable, but it would be nice if the customization settings laid out in the main window for easier access.

That said, you’ll only need to access those customization options a few times, so it’s not a deal-breaker if these options are hidden from sight.


With GS Auto Clicker, users will be able to set a specific hotkey to execute certain clicking actions. Pressing the hotkey will execute single click commands where the mouse will keep clicking anywhere the mouse is pointed until the user clicks on the hotkey again and deactivates app. This is a useful tool for activities that require constant clicking. Using the mouse while the GS Auto Clicker is not advised, however, as you may end up clicking on stuff that you didn’t mean to.

You can also use GS Auto Clicker to set multiple clicks. Using the app, record the multiple points that you want to click. You can also set the intervals between the clicks, as well as how often the clicks repeat between them. However, make sure that the icons you’re clicking stay in the same spot because the app might click the wrong thing to if you move the items around your PC.

Simple Concept, Good Execution

GS Auto Clicker has a simple concept, but its execution is top-notch. It doesn’t bog itself down with unnecessary features and embellishments. Instead, it sticks to the most basic tools it needs to get the job that it promises done. If you are in need of an auto-clicker tool, GS Auto Clicker is one of the best options out there.

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