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Real-time collaboration and document authoring tool

Google Docs is a free online word processing software developed by Google. It is a web-based program that provides Google accounter users with an online platform to write documents. This also enables you to share the document to other Gmail users you want to collaborate with, receive feedback from, or simply view the file. With Google Docs, you can avoid losing a lengthy and important document from a word processor crashing or a bug in your computer. The web app automatically saves every entry on the file, and keeps a record of changes in its history. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Czech, French, Swedish, German, Turkish, Norwegian, Catalan, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic
DateThursday, April 23rd 2020
Developer URL

Collaborative features

The main draw of Google Docs is that it is a cloud-based platform that you and other Google users can collaborate on. As a document’s author, you can share the doc with as many people as you need and set the parameters to limit what they can do. You can start sharing your file by clicking File on the menu bar, then select Share. The fastest way to share a Google Docs page is to generate a shareable link. 

It is a URL that allows anyone to view, comment, or edit your document. Sharing via link is easy, but it is not the most secure. You can give specific users access to the page by attaching their emails to the document, which is found in the Share box as well. This method also has advanced sharing options that list down users that have access to your document, their permissions settings, and the option to include more users or remove others. 

Writing tools 

Google Docs aims to make documents accessible at any time. There are three features on Google Docs for Windows you can use to edit your document: Work Offline, Voice Typing, and Explore. The most useful of the three is Work Offline. It allows you to edit, save, and create documents on your web browser without a WiFi connection. 

This will come in handy when you’re traveling or located in an area with limited internet access. To start using Google Docs offline, head to the Google Docs homepage and click the menu button. You should select Settings and a pop-up window appear with a toggleable Offline option. Voice Typing is also a useful feature for those that prefer to verbalize the contents of their document. 

You will find this feature under Tools on the menu bar. A microphone icon will appear next to the page which you should click before you begin speaking. Explore is not a writing tool, but it can help enhance the contents of your page. Found under the Tools menu, it will scan the contents of your document and suggest files, web pages, and images that you can add to your doc or refer to while you’re writing. 

Flexible word processor 

Google Docs is a good alternative to using a word processing software on your computer. It syncs all your documents to your Google account and has a substantial amount of features for writers. The tools enable you to record your thoughts, ideas, and other forms of content on a page by yourself or with others. Overall, Google Doc is capable of helping you work in any condition. Whether you do not have access to the internet, your co-workers, or even a keyboard, Google Docs has a feature to address that. 

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