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For people in the software development industry, having a good software configuration management tool is an essential part of the development process since it allows users to properly and accurately track changes made to the software. Git is a free and open-source SCM tool that offers the same basic features of any SCM, and even comes with powerful performance. 

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DateTuesday, November 19th 2019
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High Performance

Git has an efficient branching and merging feature, and this is the feature that really makes Git stand out among its competitors. With this feature, Git allows its users to easily create multiple branches from the main line of development. With Git’s efficient branching feature, users will be able to try out different ideas for their software, even commit and patch them without the fear of losing track of their original line. 

Merging and deleting lines can also be done swiftly and easily with Git. You can easily integrate your new lines to the original once you have completely tested them, or delete some of the unused ones. 

Fast and Free

Git boasts fast performance. Unlike other SCM where operations are performed through a centralized system and require communication between different servers, operations in Git are performed entirely locally, saving time and resources and making it faster than its competition. 

A Necessity for All Developers

With its fast performance and efficient branching feature, Git allows developers to explore different lines of development, giving them more tools to improve and optimize their software. Thanks to being open-source, anybody can contribute to its improvement as well. 

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