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Free PDF Reader is a freeware that allows you to view your PDF files offline rather than on a web browser. In addition to its PDF viewing capabilities, it can convert .pdf to .docx format. Whether you are converting plain text or a heavily formatted document with images, this software can make it compatible with Microsoft Word. Its features are displayed on a plain interface, allowing you to access both the viewing and conversion features immediately after the program is launched. Desktop users that need a basic PDF reader can install this in Windows devices running Windows 8 and older.

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Operating System SupportWindows XP, Windows 2003, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 8, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 98 SE
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateThursday, March 12th 2020
DeveloperFree PDF Solutions
Developer URL

Straightforward PDF reader and converter

Free PDF Reader is an alternative to server-based viewers such as PDFNetJS and FlowPaper. You can read and convert PDF files in one window rather than wait to be redirected to different windows. It has an organized interface that is easy to use. Compared to other downloadable PDF programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader, it has fewer icons, buttons, and tabs. You will find that the viewing pane takes up most of the window. You can use the collapsible side view mode to preview documents in thumbnails and bookmarks.

The toolbar allows you to zoom on the document, search for specific words or pages. You can also access the pdf to word converter on this tab. The conversion can successfully convert the document but it can appear cluttered. Free PDF Reader is a useful software for those that mainly read PDF documents. You will be able to utilize this software as it does not offer editing tools. Only when you need to correct the document will you need to convert the file to Word.

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