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Free DWG Viewer by Brava is a desktop program that you can use to open, measure, and print DWG, DXF, and DWF files. You can also use this to access BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIF file formats. While it offers a handful of editing tools, it is capable of converting DWG images into its other compatible files. This software is suitable for designers that need a lightweight, DWG compatible program to check their project’s length, radius, angle, and area. This includes checking two versions of the same project at once as the program is capable of displaying two files in separate windows. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Current LanguageEnglish
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DateFriday, April 3rd 2020
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Design tools 

Brava developed the Free DWG Viewer to help animators, artists, and architects see a lifelike version of their work along with its measurements. This will be seen in the program’s DWG area viewer. This workspace is in charge of tallying the total sum of the design including data tables that you’ve inserted into the viewer. The drawing will then be rendered on the program window automatically. 

It is important to note that DWG Viewer cannot correct any cell that does not follow a pattern. This means you will need to count all the blocks and lines that need to be revised. To do this, you will need to click the item to see its total length. You will then need to manually take note of the error and make the changes on your new data table. 

While it may not be able to correct blocks, DWG viewer can help you analyze floor plans and other diagrams by resizing, rotate, and flipping the images. This can be applied to any file the program is compatible with. You can also magnify images to easily navigate and identify minute details. All these features can be accessed in the toolbar below. 

Display options

DWG viewer has various display options for viewing AutoCAD files such as DWG XRef and SHX paths. These allow you to see and smoothen the edges and the line weights of the drawing to create a sharper and polished appearance. The best part is that Free DWG Viewer has a crisp and clean display format for easy viewing.

Should you need to present a hard copy of your designs, DWG viewer allows you to print individual pages or in batches. You cannot modify its printing capabilities to print in black and white or in grey tones. The printed copy of the AutoCAD file will have the same tone, shade, and rendering as the image displayed on the screen. 

Straightforward DWG compatible program

Free DWG Viewer by Brava offers a few but essential features for users that work with the various file formats native to AutoCAD. This allows you to easily boot the program, view the file and complete any minor revisions. You can then save your work as it is or export it as a different file format. This built-in converter makes it easier for you to share your work to colleagues or import it into a different program. 

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