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Intuitive, fast, and simple to use!

Free Download Manager is a popular download tool that supports all kinds of applications, websites, torrents, videos, and magnet links. Since it’s a free and open-source platform, it has been increasingly popular around the world. While using the tool, you can schedule downloads for later, and even pause them as per your convenience. Additionally, it’s possible to import a list of downloads from an external file with a single click. Compared to Internet Download Manager and other similar apps, this one integrates well with leading browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
DateFriday, January 25th 2019
Developer URL

Download anything from the internet!

With the data consumption increasing every day, download managers have become more important. People don’t want to sit for hours trying to download a large-sized file. With Free Download Manager, you can finish the same task within minutes. Moreover, the program lets you resume downloads whenever the connection breaks down.

In terms of efficiency and cost, Free Download Manager is one of the most promising tools in this category. It allows you to download the same file from a wide range of sources. This means you can check various servers, and choose the fastest one for the download. Overall, it is an excellent tool, which also acts as a video downloader, download accelerator, and download organiser.

Can you schedule downloads?

In the last few years, download managers have advanced and evolved. While most of them offer the same kind of features, Free Download Manager comes with additional functionalities. For instance, this program allows you to schedule downloads for later. As such, it’s more convenient to use and gives you the option to leave downloads running overnight.

All the features in the program are well-structured and organised. Therefore, beginners or less experienced users won’t face any issue trying to explore and navigate. In fact, experts will find it easier to use Free Download Manager for different kinds of functionalities.

As one of the most popular tools, Free Download Manager provides support for scheduled downloads, torrents, Flash videos, and offers detailed file information to make informed choices. Additionally, it comes with an advanced organiser, which lets you store downloaded files in separate folders.

Does it support file conversions?

One of the key features of Free Download Manager is the availability of a media converter. Unlike EagleGet and other such programs, FDM can convert a wide range of file formats, including MPEG, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP3, and MP4. This feature comes in handy while trying to encode a video within the same app used for the download.

Is Free Download Manager easy to use?

Among popular tools in this category, Free Download Manager is the easiest to use. You can easily use the drag-and-drop UI to place torrent files in the program. Similarly, you can manually copy the URLs in the designated section. The usage is straightforward and doesn’t cause any issues. All the completed and running downloads are visible in the form of thumbnail images. You can also check the current speed, progress, and other relevant information.

FDM allows you to download all kinds of files, including YouTube videos. However, you need permission from the copyright holder. After pasting the video’s URL, you’ll be prompted to select a file format, quality, and name. Once you’re done, click ‘download’, sit back, and wait for the download to finish.

With Free Download Manager, you don’t need a separate tool for ripping or converting files. Moreover, you can adjust the traffic usage, and set priorities for torrents. If you want FDM to be integrated with your browser, extensions are available on all major platforms. In case you’re working on something else and need bandwidth, you can use the ‘Snail Mode’, which downloads files at slow speeds without terminating connections.

While Free Download Manager doesn’t cause any major issues, just in case you’re stuck somewhere, a solid community can offer all the help you need. The forums are a good resource for troubleshooting information. Additionally, you can share ideas, suggestions for features, and even report bugs in these forums.

Advanced features for post-processing

It’s worth mentioning that Free Download Manager allows users to extract archives within the app. Moreover, you can perform a virus scan with an existing antivirus program on your system. In case you rely on a dial-up connection, the program automatically ‘hangs up’ after finishing the download. This helps save a good amount of money you would have spent on data.

Free Download Manager comes integrated with the ‘Optimisation Master’, which is perfect to shuffle connection speed and settings. The import and export functions of the program are useful for downloading lists and saving settings.

Overall, Free Download Manager is a great choice. Since the tool comes packed with features and a simple interface, you can start using it from the get-go. Moreover, it doesn’t stress your system and keeps running in the background. Compared to Ninja Download Manager, which is another good choice, Free Download Manager is a practical solution for your download requirements.

A great tool to manage and accelerate downloads!

Free Download Manager is a great choice for Microsoft Windows PCs. This software is also available for Mac OS X and Android. With a user-friendly interface, minimalistic design, and support for video downloads from multiple sources, FDM has been immensely popular. Additionally, the program offers Bittorrent support, and ensures fast and secure downloads.

While using Free Download Manager’s latest version, you can also adjust standard traffic usage, resume broken downloads, organise downloads, and speed up downloads for large-sized files. With FDM, you can boost the speed of downloads up to 10 times. Moreover, it allows you to convert media files in multiple formats and drop URLs right from the web browser. Last but not least, Free Download Manager is also compatible with several other browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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