Foxmail (Windows)

Foxmail is a free e-mail client originally created by Zhang Xiaolong but is now being developed by Tencent. It can support multiple accounts from different e-mail services simultaneously, as well as other organization features like calendars, alarms, a notepad, and more.

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Operating System SupportWindows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
DateMonday, October 14th 2019
Developer URL

Installation and Interface

Although installing Foxmail is an easy and straightforward process, it’s made slightly more complicated by the fact that the language is in Chinese by default. That said, even if you don’t understand Chinese, the installation process is easy enough to accomplish. Once Foxmail has been installed and launched, the language can be changed from the menus.

Foxmail has a minimalistic and intuitive interface. At the left side of the screen, users will find a panel where they can quickly access their mail, neatly organized according to e-mail accounts and category.


Foxmail functions like any other e-mail client. With it, users can access, view, compose, and reply to emails. It is even more convenient thanks to the multiple e-mail account support, saving time from opening different e-mail clients.

Foxmail’s efficiency features like the calendar and notepad are also helpful for increasing productivity. The notepad feature allows users to write and organize notes for future reference. Notes can be synced between web and mobile devices for QQMail users.

An E-mail Client for Efficiency

Once users overcome the language barrier at the start, they’ll find Foxmail’s multitude features to be well-worth the trouble. Not only can it support multiple accounts, but its efficiency tools are very helpful for employees and students. All in all, it is a good tool for increasing e-mail efficiency.

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