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Fliqlo is a minimalist, simple application that shows you a clock and correct time once your screensaver activates. With an attractive UI and big font visible from far away, it caters to anyone working on their PC.

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Operating System SupportWindows 98 SE, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateFriday, May 29th 2020
Developer URLhttp://www.9031.com

Useful and attractive

If you were expecting a pretty design with adorable features, try Free Aquarium Screensaver or another alternative. Fliqlo is minimalist, offering you eye-catching digits on a dark screen.

The premise of this program is as straightforward as its execution. Once you install it, your screensaver will assume the look of an old-fashioned flip-clock – simple yet elegant.

The UI

There’s not much to say about the user interface of Fliqlo. To run it on Windows, you first go through a simple step-by-step installation. Then. you enable it, and each time your PC goes into screensaver mode, it will launch.

You can’t customize the UI almost at all, except for its two features. The size of the clock displayed depends on the size of your screen, in general. However, you can select the specifics on a scale between 25% and 125%.

You can pick either a 12-hour or a 24-hour format, too. Both of these settings are available for reset any time.


Fliqlo runs on Windows and Mac devices. However, only older versions of Windows can run it with this version, OS editions 8 and 10 excluded.

Moreover, you’ll need an Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed to launch Fliqlo. Otherwise, this lightweight and free program doesn’t have any extra obstacles towards turning your PC’s screensaver into a fashionable addition to your office desk.

Simple and well-executed

While you can’t customize Fliqlo much, the fact doesn’t stand as a disadvantage for this program. Simplicity is the entire idea around it, and it performs quite well. It’s a shame that a version of Windows 10 doesn’t exist yet – if you’re looking for a minimalist screensaver that doubles as a clock on this OS, you’ll have to go for Analog DIN Clock Screensaver.

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