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VPN for Firefox web browser

Firefox Private Network is a browser extension by Firefox. It hides your browsing activity and IP address by rerouting your digital footprint through the web browser’s secure servers. Its secure, encrypted path to the internet protects your personal information and your connection safe from prying eyes. It is also recommended to use a virtual private network to keep advertising networks from tracking your browser history. This VPN provides Mozilla Firefox users with a secure route to the web while they’re using public Wi-Fi access points. 

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DateThursday, February 6th 2020
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Firefox Private Network offers browser-level and device-level protection by masking your IP address and moving your web traffic through a series of servers. The browser extension encrypts the web addresses you visit on Firefox. For full-device protection, Firefox’s device-level VPN provides an encrypted tunnel from any application or browser. Both versions are most helpful when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

Whenever you connect to a network in a public space, you are sharing it with dozens of other strangers. This leaves your personal information vulnerable to hackers. With Firefox Private Network, your data is handled by Mozilla’s server providers  – Cloudfare and Mullvad – who do not keep logs of your data. It is also important to configure the VPN’s settings. The plug-in will request your permission for several settings but the most important of them all is your Proxy. Without it, the VPN will not be able to configure the proxy 

Once Firefox Private Network to your browser, it will immediately start running. You can check if it’s working by opening the Private Network button, which is seen on the right of your browser window. A new window should pop up, allowing you to toggle the connection. 


Firefox Private Network is easy-to-setup and is fully automated. Whether you’ve chosen browser-level or device level protection, it will automatically encrypt your online activity and hide any digital footprint. But in their effort to protect your information and connection, Mozilla also blocks parts of real-time communication websites. Platforms like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Jitsi, Talky and Webex cannot be accessed with the VPN turned on. 

The same remedy can be applied when sending files over an encrypted file transfer. When your Firefox web browser crashes while you’re sending files, you will have to turn off the VPN and resend the file again.

Standard VPN plug-in 

Browsers that develop their own VPN help its users by protecting their data and syncing that data to other devices. With Firefox Private Network, you must use your Firefox account to use the VPN and to sync your information to your other devices. The browser plug-in can be installed on the Firefox web browser on any Mac, Windows and Linux device. As for the downloadable VPN version, it can only be installed on Windows 10 devices. Firefox Private Network is not the best VPN available today but it is a reliable tool you can use if you use Firefox as your default browser.

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