Diner Dash


Restaurant-themed strategy game

Diner Dash is a strategy and time management video game developed by GameLab. The game focuses on pleasing customers and completing as many meal tickets as possible. A successful transaction will yield more cash for Flo – the character in which you play. Using the drag-and-drop method, you must follow the ‘restaurant’s protocol’: seat the customers, write their orders, and serve their meals. The overall objective of Diner Dash is to progress Flo’s career in the restaurant industry. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE, Windows XP
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
LicenseTrial version
DateThursday, February 6th 2020
Developer URLhttp://www.playfirst.com


Flo left her corporate job to become a restauranteur. But first, she must increase her ranking in the food industry and earn enough money to put up her own restaurants. The Career mode has a set number of earnings or quota. The money is earned after each successful transaction with a customer. Once you’ve reached that level’s quota, you can progress to the next level. The Endless Shift mode also yields earnings but the objective is to endure at a single level. 

The game uses a drag-and-drop system. This allows you to move the customers and Flo around the restaurant. Your first priority is to guide customers to a clean table. Then you must guide Flo to their table to get their order. All orders must be sent to the service hatch. Once the meal appears at the kitchen counter, you must take the correct order to the customer. 

The avatars for the customers feature a series of hearts over their heads. This indicates their mood; customers with more hearts indicate that they are happier. It is important to know that customers have different personalities and tipping habits. You can keep customers happy by serving them drinks or chatting with them while they wait. The outcome will still depend on the customer’s temperament. So, it is important to deliver the right order as fast as you can. 

Thrilling restaurant game 

Diner Dash is a straightforward strategy game that can be played by all user-levels. By setting the game with a desktop mouse, you simply click on the areas where you need Flo to go. The floating hearts also help you visualize which customer needs more attention. If you want to play a time management game or want to play a simple game with cartoonish graphics, you can play Diner Dash on Windows devices running Windows XP 64-bit or above. 

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