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DBSchema is a diagram-oriented database software developed by Wise Coders Solutions. You can use it to simplify complex schemas, generate test data, view information from multiple tables. It has a 64-bit installer that is compatible with most Windows devices with a built-in OpenJDK 12. You can also use DBSchema with other database management software such as MySQL, Oracle, and Azure. These make it suitable for programmers, system architects, and database administrators. 

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Operating System Support
Current LanguageEnglish
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LicenseTrial version
DateThursday, March 12th 2020
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Features and capabilities

DBSchema is an important database designer as it allows you to manage complex databases and edit data without writing complex SQL Queries. Its most notable function is the Interactive Layouts. This allows you to divide the schema into multiple groups of layouts, creating a more accurate representation of your database. You can create multiple layouts so you can have a schema per part. They can be saved as a project file or .dbs file, all of which can be opened and edited in offline mode. You can also save it as a PDF or HTML5 file.

The interface of DBSchema has a comprehensive but simple structure. The left-hand side is dedicated to three windows: Tree Pane, SQL History, and Diagram Perspective. The pane allows you to see your project, its schema, tables and other elements at a glance while your history shows all SQL Queries generated by visual action or executed using Layouts or Data tools. 

You will find the two features in the center of the program. Layouts display all the tables and columns of a schema. Data tools contain other features such as SQL Editor, Visual Query Editor, and Relational Data Browse – the most important of the three. It is a data explorer that enables you to browse and edit data across different tables at the same time. You can view an unlimited number of tables so you can handle even the most complex projects. 

All-in-one database design software 

DBSchema is best suited for IT professionals but it is easy enough for new and experienced users to navigate. It offers an extensive set of tools in a plain and organized interface, allowing you to see your work at a glance. Overall, it can be a necessary tool for managing and replicating database objects. 

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