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Cricket simulation game

Cricket 19 is the official video game of the 2019 Ashes Championship. The sports game enables users to simulate cricket matches. You will begin by building a rookie player’s career from their junior years to club cricket. Once you have made progress in your club, you can create your own stadia, sponsor logos, and uniforms in preparation for major tournaments including the Twenty20, One Day International, and other in-game test matches. Cricket 19 puts importance on having players control their gameplay. In addition to participating in important championships, you can increase a player’s proficiency so they reach national captaincy.

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Operating System SupportWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateThursday, April 23rd 2020
DeveloperBig Ant Studios
Developer URL

Creating a cricket career 

Cricket 19 offers cricket fans a chance to play their favorite cricket players. The game offers the national and domestic Australian cricket team, and the national team of the United Kingdom. While the roster is limited, you can include your favorite cricket athlete in the game by creating him or downloading them from the game’s server. The game also adds the nuances of a real-life cricket match including the singing of the national anthem, a captain speaking with a bowler after he is dispatched, and highlight reels of wickets and boundaries. 

These small details can offer entertainment for single players. Cricket 19 offers computer-controlled batsmen that appear to have great awareness and reasoning. It is most evident when they’re taking the singles off the last ball when they’re in the middle of the field with a tailender. Should the run rate reach two figures, the bot will be inclined to sprint and swing towards the fences. It’s the dynamic behavior of the AI that mimics the experience of playing a real cricket match. To get ahead of the bots, it’s best to play in career mode. 

Cricket 19’s career mode has a wider scope to craft your cricket player. Once every ten levels, you will be rewarded a new perk slot which gives your player specialized skills on top of the attributes you have already given him. Attributes are common skills a player should possess such as footwork and bowling speed. The perks system gives your player an advantage over others such as boosts to yorker accuracy or buffs that decreases stamina loss. You can continue to nurture your player’s career for up to 20 in-game years. 

Playing by scenario 

Scenarios are matches that can be created, customized, and shared with other Cricket 19 players. For example, you want to replicate the 2005 Australian Ashes series. This would require you to score 107 successful runs with 2 wickets in hand. You can create an exact match of that in the game and relive a historic match. 

This can be fun for you as you can reimagine a match in your favor. It is more time consuming as you will need the scores of both teams to craft a specific circumstance, and use the game’s creation tools to create the match. With time, you will be rewarded with your favorite match/es in the game. 

Great for creating fantasy cricket matches

Cricket 19 for Windows is a suitable game for cricket fans that have a Windows computer running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 to Windows 10. Both the career and scenario mode allows you to relive your favorite matches while also participating in them. The addition of the AI players and the customization options make for an unpredictable and fun gaming experience.

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