Brother Print&Scan

A wireless scanning and printing app

Brother Print&Scan searches for Brother machines via global network and connects your device to them. Once connected, you can select documents you want printed and send them through the printer.

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Operating System SupportWindows 10
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateFriday, July 3rd 2020
DeveloperBrother Industries Ltd.
Developer URL

Versatility in printing

You can access a variety of Brother devices using iPrint. Some of them include Brother Color Laser LED series (FAX/MFC), Mono Laser, and more. The only problem is you are limited to using only Brother services.

As long as you’re using Brother machines, you can print your documents in various custom settings.

Clean interface

You’ll find the UI neat and easy to use. There’s not much to read instructions for as it has only a few buttons. Two of which are scan and print. You can select your document and dimensions directly from the app.

Mobile access

You’ll have to connect your phone and Brother machine to a network to print paperwork straight from there. However, this method is counterproductive as you can simply send what you need printed to the app on your computer.

Frequent errors

Sometimes, your files will either not print or print without getting scanned. This may be due to the common bugs this app has. If this happens, you just need to remove your document and restart the app.

If it prints and doesn’t scan, there could be problems with your Brother machine. You’ll want to make sure the connected devices are compatible.

Fewer tools

A lot of alternative software offer more variety of editing options than Brother Print&Scan.

This app works with most-used Brother printers, but not much else. If you don’t have a Brother printer, then this app won’t be for you.

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