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Softphone desktop application

Bria Solo is a softphone application that offers communication features for personal use. The desktop application was developed by CounterPath Corporation, a unified communications and collaboration provider for enterprises and other services providers. Bria Solo offers the same HD voice and video calling capabilities as its professional counterpart. You will find that the features are displayed in a plain interface. This will help you transition from a phone environment to its Voice over IP capability. Bria Solo Free is also the renamed and updated version of XLite. Users of XLite will now have to upgrade to Bria Solo as well as provide CounterPath the details of their session initiation protocol or SIP details. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 10
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
DateTuesday, April 28th 2020
Developer URL

Enterprise telephone features

Bria Solo is a program for individuals that need a softphone in all their devices. You can use Bria Solo for desktop on Windows and Mac OS X computers. It also has a mobile version for Android and iOS devices. The Windows version of Bria Solo is compatible with Windows 10  only. It should also be the Fall Creator Update or a newer version of Windows 10 with 2-in-1 tablet support. It’s also worth noting that the desktop application works best on 8 GB of RAM and 600 MB of hard disk space. 

Calls will be displayed on the foreground of the application. This means the caller will appear on the call panel. You can also receive push notifications when you’re running the program in the background but you will need to configure the settings to do that. Bria will not automatically launch if a user is calling you and the app is not running on your device. The person can opt to leave you a voice mail but you will need to configure the program with your VoIP service provider or system administrator. 

Advanced functions 

Bria Solo offers five-party video conferencing in addition to its six-party voice call feature. All conferences come with 1080p HD Support and acoustic echo cancellation. These allow each user to see and hear others clearly. Both video and audio calls are supported by different codecs. Codecs for video are as follows: H.263, H.263+ (1998), H.264, VP8.  Audio is supported by more codecs, namely G.711aLaw, G.711µLaw, G.722, G.729A, G.729B, GSM, Opus, SILK Narrowband, SILK Wideband, SILK Super-Wideband, Speex Narrowband, Speex Wideband, Speex Wideband. 

On top of the codecs, Bria Solo supports STUN, TURN, and ICE firewall traversal solutions. Altogether, they create a private space for you and your colleagues or friends to communicate on. These features are especially important when you are sharing your screen or sending files. You can continue to speak with your colleagues through IM conferencing or group chats. Should you speak to one another in different languages other than English, Bria supports Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

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