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Ad-blocker and anti-malware software

Ad Guardian Plus is a security and privacy software that blocks online advertisements from appearing on websites or applications. Also referred to as HTML filtering, the program detects codes that contain images, links, and scripts related to ads. This desktop application blocks trackers from social media platforms, advertisers, and data miners. Ad Guardian Plus was developed by Bit Guardian GmbH exclusively for Windows computers running Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP. It also requires 512 MB of RAM and 100 MB of hard disk space. This means it will not slow down your PC while it’s running in the background. 

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Operating System SupportWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Current LanguageEnglish
Available Languages
LicenseTrial version
DateWednesday, April 15th 2020
DeveloperBit Guardian
Developer URL

Flexible blocking features

Bit Guardian GmbH stands out in a time where adblock extensions are commonplace because they offer Ad Guardian Plus as a downloadable program. This enables your computer to block web services from gathering your web activity. With Ad Guardian Plus installed, pop-up windows, web banners and autoplay videos will be removed from your browser, programs, and web apps. 

At first, it will give an overview of its features and where they’re located. You will then be redirected to the Web Protection section where it shows the total number of advertisements, trackers and threats the app has blocked. The app will break these details down further when you click View Details. Above the details is the date and time stamp, indicating the last time it detected any suspicious behavior or possible mining. Below the numbers are three features you can toggle on and off, namely: Ad Blocker, Privacy Guard, and Safe Browsing. 

Whilst the Ad Blocker was designed to facilitate an ad-free experience, the last two features were created for your safety. The Privacy Guard is in charge of deactivating online trackers so advertisers, cybercriminals and search engines will not be able to gather your personal information and browsing activity. The Safe Browsing feature is different from this as it focuses more on detecting malware and phishing attempts. 

Comprehensive control settings 

Ad Guardian Plus offers both general and advanced configuration settings. Its general settings consist of four options that you can turn on or off: Launch on Startup, Exit on Close, Show Notifications, and Block crypto-mining scripts on websites. It also allows you to change the program language. The advanced settings address more specific areas of the program.

The app’s Web Assistant, Ad Filter and Geo Filter are the easiest to change as it only requires you to tick the boxes of those actions you want enabled. The Rules Editor and Application settings are also easy to modify as you will simply need to add the URL, application or web script you want blocked. Users who wish to modify the Rules Editor can do so. This is recommended especially to those with a working knowledge of coding.

It also helps to familiarize yourself with the Web Assistant. It is a green-colored circle displayed on the bottom right corner of your browser window, signifying that the program is running. By default, you need to click or hover over the icon for it to show the status of ads, trackers, and threats that have been blocked. Should you want to view its status in real-time, tick the Show statistics on the Web Assistant icon in the Web Assistant settings.

Ad Guardian plans

The developers offer the ad blocking feature for an unlimited amount of time in the Ad Guardian Plus basic free plan. The Ad Blocker is also available in each of Ad Guardian Plus’s 3 paid plans. Each subscription includes the Privacy Protector, Web Protection, and 24/7 Customer Support. Bit Guardian GmbH customer service can address your concerns through live chat, mail support and its FAQ page. 

Impenetrable protection 

Ad Guardian Plus is a good choice for an ad blocker application because it is capable of tracing ads before they reach your web browser or application. With fewer images, videos, and graphics to load on the page, the app speeds up your page loading time. The addition of the anti-malware and anti-phishing features also creates a safer environment for you to surf the internet and run other programs. 

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