Back in 2012 Lenovo introduced Any Share app for sharing in android devices. Later on the name was changed to SHAREit and a lot of new features are added. Now, Connect2 has been developed alongside SHAREit for the same purpose.

Connect2 is the latest in a long line of free file sharing apps that has functionality for Windows and Android OS. The app allows you to share nearly all types of files, ranging from audio and video to system files at high speed. This is done via Wi-Fi, which is faster in comparison to a Bluetooth transfer.

Key Features include:

  • No file size limitation.
  • Provides a safe means to transfer files between devices.
  • Faster file transfer using Wi-Fi.
  • Supports SYNCit for backup data.
  • No file type restriction.
  • No Internet connection required.
  • Auto connect smartphone and PC.
  • Connect smartphone with QR code scanning.

A great feature of Connect2 is the ability to pair once and forget. As soon as you have united your phone and PC by wirelessly ‘pairing' them once, in the future they will automatically connect when they are in range. This is faster, easier and more secure than using cloud storage, and there are no data charges involved.

Overall, Lenovo have produced a quality app, built upon the design and idea of SHAREit. The app's new GUI and bug fixes have made it a real competitor for the top slot for file transfer, taking on the likes of other apps in the same arena, such as Zapya and Xenex.

System Requirements: a Wireless WLAN adapter.